Zen Custom Made Marble Bathtubs

For discerning home owners that appreciate true luxury, Zen Baths provide incredibly designed, custom-made bathtubs hand carved from solid blocks of stunning, natural marble. Each hand carved stone bathtub is meticulously built by hand from natural marble, the end result is a true work of art. Just visualise yourself soaking in the warm bubbly water, glass of wine in hand and the luxurious feel of warm honed marble on your skin. If that doesn't entice the senses, we don't know what will. If you’re looking for a marble bathtub that will take your project and relaxation to the next level you have come to the right place.

Your Dream Bathroom

Indulge yourself in workmanship at its very best. Zen Marble bath tubs are without doubt, perfect examples of premium quality craftsmanship, created especially for you to give you a fabulous, head-turning finish to your dream bathroom. Every single Zen natural stone bathtub is unique, such is the nature of marble stone and it is entirely up to you to choose the shape, design and even those exquisite finishing touches that make your bathtub like no other seen before! That is what makes your bathroom stand out from any other – giving you a palatial room where you can relax, unwind and enjoy moments of solitude. When you request a custom-made, hand carved Zen marble bathtub you make a wise decision, to find out more on products and pricing, click here.

Bespoke Natural Stone Bathtub Elevates Your Home

As well as the luxurious element that marble delivers, it’s also durable and practical but like any natural stone, must be cared for correctly so that it retains its magnificent lustre and finish. A honed, solid marble Zen bath is built to last, to always look stylish and to span many years ahead. With remarkable natural beauty, a solid marble bathtub is strong, smart, chic and elegant. You won’t just be delighted; you will be absolutely thrilled with the end result.

Bespoke Marble Bathtubs

The Zen team specialise in state-of-the-art custom designed bathtubs that are show-stopping and designed to stand the test of time. Whether it’s to blend in with your current décor, to create a focal point in your favourite room or because you understand the difference between bespoke extravagance and standard fittings – your Zen bathtub will give you years of pleasure, as a functional piece as well as a work of art. Impressive and undoubtedly stylish, your unique design marble bath can be as streamlined or as ornate as you wish.


Select from three natural stone materials to build your custom marble bath. Nero Marquina, Carrara and Grey Marble. All materials come in a honed finish.

Zen Difference

Tailor-made Quotations

Simply send the Zen team your ideas and plans and you will receive a tailor-made quotation to build your dream marble bathtub. A Zen marble bath tub can be crafted in a selection of different shapes, sizes along with a wide variety of natural stone bath tub finishes for you to choose from. Additionally, you can pair your own finishing touches such as tapware and wastes.

A Treasure Trove of Design Possibilities

Whether you seek a modern, sleek and minimal design such as a black marble bathtub or you prefer something classical, the creative team can suggest a treasure trove of eye-catching ideas, guaranteed to work with your décor. There are endless design possibilities! Shipping worldwide, we will make your large stone bathtub and deliver it direct to your door ready for installation. Please check our natural stone bathtubs product pages for more information on sizes and prices here or contact us for a tailor-made quote.

A Bespoke Natural Stone Bathtub Elevates Your Home

Without doubt, there is a difference in choosing a regular, standard fit bathtub for your bathroom to having Zen help you design your dream marble piece. Captivating and adding instant sophistication, a marble bathtub not only adds value to your home, it elevates your bathroom to a remarkable level of sophistication. A Zen natural stone bathtub can be crafted to complement your tiles or to provide contrast – giving you a spectacular finish that you can’t wait to show off.